The Tunnels T1 and T2 are integrated in the Madalena Bypass Road, located in the Madeira Island and were by the built drill and blast. In total, they are endowed with 5 widenings for parking areas, two reverse manoeuvre spaces (one for each tunnel) destined for heavy articulated vehicles and five emergency galleries, in a total length of about 1330 m .

Tunnel T1 has a length of 1912 m and maximum overburden of 260 m.

Tunnel T2 has a length of 1535 m and maximum overburden of 210 m.

Both tunnels have a clearance of 4.7 x 7.6 m (l x h) and an outside area between 75 to 100 m².

With regards to the Geological and geotechnical conditions, the tunnel alignment is set on steep slopes belonging to the Post-Miocene β2 volcanic complex and, nearby the portals, it crosses recent deposits.