The studies and designs pertaining to the platforms and taxiways are divided into 4 lots:

Lot 1 - Extension of the Lisbon Airport operational area, by constructing a new parking apron including 2 taxilanes with capacity for 14 medium/long course airplanes and constructing a new taxiway ("Mike 4" taxiway) for access to track 03, about 950 m-long.

Lot 2 - Construction of a new access road to the central parking apron (new platform plus existing “Foxtrot” and “Juliet” platforms) from the existing surrounding road, with an underpass under the new “Mike 4” taxiway.

Lot 3 - Underpass to the "Mike 4" taxiway (bridge and associated retaining structures).

Lot 4 - Pavement rehabilitation and reshaping, drainage and electricity infrastructures for track 03’s angular intersection approaches.