Extension of the operational area of the Sá Carneiro Airport through the construction of a new apron with a capacity for 12 mean and long course airplanes, which nearly doubles the capacity of the existing apron, and the construction of a new "Foxtrot" taxiway to access the track, with a length of approximately 1 100 m.

These new structures have been designed according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards associated with infrastructures for airports of the new F4 category, which make them fit to receive the future "New Large Aircrafts" (NLA).

The works comprised: a great volume of demolition works, earthworks, pavements (rigid and flexible aeronautical pavements and road pavements), drainage (including hydrocarbonates separating devices), airway daily signalling and infrastructures for lighting signalling, communications, power supply and apron lighting.