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The COBA Group’s portfolio of contracts enables us to allocate a significant amount of our resources, and as such allows us to face the crisis that assails the countries in which we operate with reasonable confidence.

The generalized falling prices of raw material, and in particular, of oil, have restrained many investment intentions, leading to delays, new scheduling and even revocation of former decisions.

Fortunately, the COBA Group’s portfolio includes several important and structural undertakings, and thus imperative, reason why the progress of their development has not been significantly affected nor have the initially established goals suffered relevant changes.

The financial execution of contracts is, however, a different scenario. The increased difficulty in obtaining financing from Clients has resulted in extended payment deadlines, and this is an aspect to which the Group has dedicated a great deal of attention and effort.

Continuous actions envisaging the geographic diversification of the Group’s activities are under way. At the moment there is a significant amount of work invested in development opportunities and we expect a positive outcome in the upcoming months.

In Portugal, the expected recovery of investment policies in public infrastructures, namely railways, maritime and logistics infrastructures, as well as in urban environment renewal, will also justify much of our attention and will certainly be very valid reasons to approach our activity with cautious optimism.

Victor Carneiro
Vice-President of COBA Group


Lx, 31 May 2015