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The 1st and 2nd phases of the Angolan National Water Plan (PNA) were presented, last April 12th, to the Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola, with the presence of the Minister & Secretaries of State , the General Director of the National Water Resources Institute, River Basin Authorities Directors , as well as high representatives of other relevant institutions. Throughout the past 3 years, COBA Group allocated to the Water Plan most of its technical skills and its long experience resulting from the development of numerous studies and designs in the field of water resources in Angola.

In the meantime, COBA concluded the Water Plan’s 3rd and last phase - “Objectives, Measures & Actions and Physical & Financial Planning”, - and the final Report was delivered for approval.

PNA is a document that establishes, in a technical, social, economic and environmentally sustained, integrated and articulated way, the guidelines and strategies associated to water resources management, the inventory of important issues, the definition of planning scenarios and the definition of short, medium and long-term measures and actions (2040) associated to the water cluster.

In the development of the PNA the following major action and intervention priorities were considered:

Integrated water resources planning of the country in short (2017), medium (2025) and long (2040) terms;

The establishment of a nationwide infrastructure investment programme, supporting the development of the water cluster, effectively sustained from the technical, social, environmental and political points of view;

The need to invest in research & development related to the various aspects of water use, in an attempt to adapt the technical and scientific development to the Angolan reality and ensure the training of staff of central and provincial entities, through the establishment of cooperation protocols with credible educational institutions and research centres;

The strengthening and modernisation of the institutional, legal and regulatory water-related framework;

The creation of economic-financial mechanisms to support investment, either public, private or resulting from public-private partnership models (PPP).




Lx, 31 Aug 2015