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“Agence Nationale des Barrages et Transferts” recently assigned to COBA the consulting and strengthening studies of two Algerian dams, namely the “Fontaine des Gazelles” and “Ighil Emda” Dams. COBA is in charge of the studies pertaining to the safety issues of these dams and the definition of a work programme aiming to correct and repair the pathologies detected, and thus ensure safety operating conditions. These contracts encompass the designs & technical specifications.

The “Fontaine des Gazelles” Dam envisages water supply for irrigation of the regions located north of the city of Biskra, about 440 km southeast from the capital, Algiers. It is an earthfill dam with clayey core, 42,5 m high and 385 m long. The reservoir area at top water level amounts to 55 491 hm3.

The “Ighil Emda” Dam, located east from Algiers at “Wilaya de Béjaia”, was built in 1953 with the purpose of producing hydroelectric energy, with an annual generation of 30 x 106 kWh. It is a rockfill dam with asphalt concrete upstream facing, 75 m high and 710 m long. The reservoir capacity at top water level is 156 hm3.

Lx, 31 Aug 2015