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BRAZIL – Dam Safety Consulting Services to National Water Agency (ANA)

On June 30th, upon two and a half years, came to an end an important contract between the World Bank and COBA, which envisaged support the World Bank in the preparation of all the necessary legislation, regulations and procedures that enable ANA to act, in the most appropriate manner and in its role as Regulator / Dam Safety Supervisory Board, in the implementation of the Brazilian “National Policy on the Safety of Dams (PNSB)”, imposed under Law 12.334 of 20 September 2010.

Due to the complexity and range of the services consigned, the COBA Group, through the partnership established between COBA Portugal and COBA Brazil, invited the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) to form the Consortium COBA/LNEC, who conducted all activities set out in the contract with the World Bank.

The COBA/LNEC team included experts from the diverse areas of expertise in Dam Safety, who were responsible for the preparation of all documents delivered. These documents were regularly discussed with the World Bank specialists involved in the contract, and in several meetings held in Brasília, also attended by the ANA executives responsible for the Dam Safety activities.

The works consisted in the preparation of a set of Manuals and Guidebooks, containing proposals on best practice, to be used by the supervising authorities and by dam entrepreneurs, as well as documents pertaining to Classification of Dams as to Risk & Potential Associated Damage, as well as to the National Dam Safety Information System (SNISB).

The final presentation of the Consulting Services undertaken was done in a closing Workshop organized by ANA on May 6th. To this event were invited approximately 150 directors of several Brazilian entities and companies, in an attempt to encourage reflection on the subject and on the documents produced, approximately five years after publication of the legislation on Dam Safety.

Lx, 31 Aug 2015