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On November 2014, the COBA Group initiated the final design of the BRT TRANSBRASIL Corridor. The BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system has been introduced in large cities in which public transport needs to conquer its space and account for a very large number of passengers rapidly and comfortably. Demand Studies indicate that this corridor will have one of the world’s largest passenger/hour flow during rush hour, with almost 1000 buses circulating in both directions. It is a closed system corridor with terminals & stations, and articulated and bi-articulated buses specifically manufactured to interact with these stations.

For this purpose was created the joint venture “Consórcio Projetista Transbrasil” , formed by 4 Brazilian companies, led and coordinated by COBA Brazil, who also provides the expertize in geometry, geotechnics, bridges and lighting. COBA Portugal also participates in the preparation of the design, mainly in the geometry and bridge studies.

The construction is being carried out by an association of contractors formed by ODEBRECHT, OAS and QUEIROZ GALVÃO. The Client is the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Government (Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro), and in particular, it’s Secretariat of Works. The works contract amounts to over 1,4 billion Brazilian “Reais” and has an expected duration of 2 years.

The design consists in the implementation of an exclusive bus corridor on the central reserve of the “Brasil” Avenue, between the beginning of this avenue at “Bairro do Caju” District (Passarela 2) and Deodoro, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

This BRT corridor is approximately 23 km long and includes 16 stations, 18 walkways and mezzanines, about 1500 m of access viaducts and widening of existing bridges in a total of about 600 m.

With this project accomplished, the circulating conditions of the existing road network will change to accommodate the new BRT corridor, minimizing, in principle, the impacts associated to this type of infrastructure in a city with heavy traffic, as is the case of Rio de Janeiro. An attempt was made to promote urban renewal and to increase social comfort in its areas of influence.

The BRT TransBrasil, as an important public transport structural priority, will introduce important physical improvement to its surroundings, increase the functionality of the corridor, the interoperability between the several transportation systems, promote their integration in the mainstream and consequently provide users with shorter travel times, increased comfort, cost gains, safety and, last but not least, guarantee an harmonized operation between the BRT and the intercity lines through the use of stations and halts positioned strategically along the corridor to simplify its accessibility.


Lx, 31 Aug 2015