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The Environment Fund assigned to COBA the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Maputo and Matola Sanitary Landfill Project.

This undertaking envisages a significantly improved waste management in the Maputo Metropolitan Area, leading to the closure of several sites where waste is randomly and disorderly disposed of.

The environmental studies to be developed aim to obtain environmental licencing for this undertaking. The proceedings, under the responsibility of the Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Action (MICOA) of the Republic of Mozambique, will comply with the legal framework in force and will ensure the development of an environmentally viable, optimized and balanced undertaking.

The COBA Group has renowned experience in the development of high complexity environmental studies pertaining to undertakings of the most diverse nature, namely in Mozambique, where it is dully certified by MICOA to act as Environmental Impact Consultant.


Lx, 31 Aug 2015