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COBA has developed an ongoing strategy in order to create a multigeographical Group, with a strong local presence in the priority markets. With this objective, a holding company, COBA, SGPS, S.A. has been established.

With this reorganization, COBA, SGPS, S.A. will assume the leadership of COBA Group, being responsible for the global strategy, the coordination policies and the control of activities of the various companies of the Group. With this decision, it is envisaged to achieve the concentration of the multiple strategic components, the harmonization of policies and proceedings and the congregation of synergies through the centralization of the Group’s transversal services.

The deed of incorporation of COBA, SGPS was signed on December 5, 2014 and the following governing bodies of COBA, SGPS, S.A. for the term 2015/2017 have been appointed:

Board of Directors:

Lopo do Nascimento, Chairman.
Victor Carneiro, Executive Vice-Chairman.
Miguel Miranda, CFO (Chief Financial Officer).
José Pedro Soeiro, Member.
Amílcar Nascimento, Member.
Fernando Prioste, Member.
Ricardo Teixeira Oliveira, Member.

General Assembly:
Ana Paula Godinho, President.
António Frutuoso de Melo, Vice-President.
Sílvia Meirinhos, Secretary.

Effective Auditor:
Oliveira Rego & Associados, Sociedade de Revisores Oficiais de Contas, represented by Manuel de Oliveira Rego.

Deputy Auditor:
Pedro Antunes Bastos.


Lx, 20 Fev 2015