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COBA Group, through COBA Portugal and its affiliates LandCOBA, Consulstrada and Tetraplano has provided Engineering Services for road infrastructures maintenance.


Ascendi has just awarded the Final Designs for Pavement Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of motorway sections: Group VIII of A11 and A42 sections and Group VII of A11 sections.

Group VIII of A11 and A42 sections cover an extension of around 27 km, including 7 interchanges and Group VII of A11 sections have an extension of 18 km and 4 interchanges.

In the first phase, the studies include the characterization of the existing situation, consisting on a visual inspection of pavement conditions, safety and road marking equipment, expansion joints of engineering structures and telecommunications. Rotation drilling will also be performed to support the study of pavement reinforcement solutions and correction of pavement anomalies. In the next phase, the design of pavement solutions and of other auxiliary disciplines was executed.

The designs also include the preparation of the Safety and Health Management Plan, the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan and definition of Conditions for the Implementation Plan.


The Concessionary Brisa Concessão Rodoviária, S.A. (BCR), in the scope of its Studies and Designs Programme for maintaining road safety and quality services in the motorway network, has awarded COBA Portugal the Conceptual Design, Final Design and Technical Assistance relating two slopes of cutting with stability problems and constrains on shoulder movement.

Both contracts relate to slopes on A1 Northern Motorway. The first contract corresponds to one slope located in Branch B in Leiria Interchange, Section Fátima / Leiria (km 129+450 S/N), and include the geotechnical survey works, laboratory testing and slope instrumentation and respective readings.

The second contract corresponds to a slope on Branch E at Carvalhos Interchange, Carvalhos / St. Ovídio Section (km 293+000 N/S), and includes topographic survey by laser scanning, executed by LandCOBA, as well as geotechnical survey and laboratory testing.


Lx, 20 Fev 2015