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After a period of almost complete absence of investment in infrastructures in Portugal, some signs of recovery are evident and we are pleased to communicate that two contracts were awarded to the COBA Group for the study and design of two new infrastructures, one in the field of railways, and the other in the hydro-agricultural area.

Hopefully these are just the first of many Projects included in a new era of public investment, naturally guided towards meeting expectations that were not satisfactorily addressed in previous modernization and development programmes, focusing in railways, ports and logistics, as well as urban requalification and regeneration.

For international companies, the crisis associated to the cost of raw materials implies increased efforts to guarantee the sustainability of their Projects, since their initial phase, including plan, study and design, unless these are promoted by multilateral development agencies.

The efforts for diversification of the markets in which the COBA Group operates continue, and the results are emerging in a sustained manner, as illustrated by some examples in this newsletter. Constant attention in given to our clients sources of financing, even attempting in particular cases to seek financial resources that may be associated with proposals requesting the provision of our services.


Victor Carneiro
Vice-President of COBA Group


Lx, 29 Feb 2016