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The COBA Group, and more specifically COBA Portugal, is undertaking the Detailed Design for Construction of the Magula Irrigation Block, for the Chinese contractors “Synohydro”. This block is located in the Gaza province, district of Xai-Xai and within the Lower Limpopo Irrigation Perimeter.

The Magula block serves a total area of approximately 2500 ha (1st Phase – 1500 ha and 2nd Phase – 1000 ha), through the following infrastructures:

Pumping Station located on the left bank of the Limpopo River, designed for a pumping head of 10 m and flow of 3,3 m3/s;

100 m-long pumping main, made of DCI, with nominal diameter 1200 mm (1st Phase);

Feeder pipe with trapezoidal section and a total length of 7 km, designed for a flow of 1,8 m3/s (1st Phase);

Secondary irrigation network comprising buried DCI and PVC pipelines, over an extension of 16 km, with diameters ranging from 160 to 700 mm, and 112 hydrants (1st Phase);

Drainage network, composed of a 6 km-main ditch and secondary ditches with 20 km (1st Phase).

COBA has been proudly involved in the projects developed over the last decade in the Lower Limpopo Irrigation Perimeter, which plays a fundamental role in achieving food security in the region.

Lx, 29 Feb 2016