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The COBA Group, in association with a Peruvian consultancy firm, will develop the Detailed Design of the New Cusco Expressway for the client Proyecto Especial Regional Plan (COPESCO) of the Peruvian Regional Government, with financing from the World Bank.

The World Bank loans cover several interventions included in the Cusco Transport Improvement Programme, managed by COPESCO. The estimated investment cost for full improvement the Expressway amounts to 140M USD, of which 80% are funded by the World Bank.

COPESCO is the executive body for public investment projects regarding regards the development of infrastructures and promotion of touristic resources. In the collaboration between COPESCO and the World Bank, the intervention on the Expressway was established as a priority, along with the consolidation of the Touristic Circuit between the Cusco Historic Centre and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including Machu Picchu.

The Detailed Design of the Expressway will develop a 7 km-long urban road connection between the historic city centre of Cusco and its periphery with an alignment adjacent to the airport runway. This urban road, based on a a boulevard concept, will have, four tracks in each direction, interchanges, unlevelled crossings, two bridges, pedestrian footpaths and bicycle lanes.

The integration of the Expressway in an urban context will transform the existing space into a high-capacity road that respects the safety rules of residential and commercial areas, contributes towards the restructuring (decentralization) of the city and confers it with a more contemporary arrangement, without conflicting with its historical area.

The COBA Group will not only coordinate the joint-venture activities, but will also participate in the topography, alignment and road studies, as well as in the fields of soils and pavements. The studies will have a duration of 8 months, and are expected to commence in April 2016.


Lx, 29 Feb 2016