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COBA Portugal is carrying out the Preliminary Design of the Irrigation Block III to the “Associação de Regantes e Beneficiários do Vale do Sorraia” (Irrigation Water Users Association).

The Sorraia Valley hydro-agricultural project was constructed between 1951 and 1959, with the main purpose of irrigating an area of 15 365 hectares. The perimeter area includes two major water storages infrastructures for irrigation and energy generation: Maranhão dam, in Seda stream and Montargil dam in Sôr stream.

The entire project was designed and equipped for water conveyance, distribution and irrigation of parcels by gravity through water distribution pipelines and ditches. This operation method leads to considerable water losses in some periods and water deficits in other periods, which makes the management of water and of all infrastructures very difficult.

The area to benefit is located at Mora, Pavia and Cabeção parishes, in Évora district. The modernization of Block III consists in adapting the present irrigation system to achieve savings in water consumption, energy and manpower, by installing an on demand and under pressure irrigation network. The total area to be benefited is of 1 051 ha.

The infrastructures included in the Block III modernisation are as follows:

  1. pumping station at the left bank of the Gameiro weir reservoir at Raia stream, with a manometric head of 55 m, equipped with 6 vertical electro-pump units and a filtration system;
  2. irrigation network formed of buried concrete and HDPE pipelines 21 km long, with diameters between 110 and 1400 mm and 83 hydrants and 129 irrigation outlets;
  3. road network including the rehabilitation of four rural roads with a length of 5,4 km, and;
  4. monitoring, automation and remote control system.


Lx, 31 May 2015