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The Algerian “ANA - Agence Nationale des Autoroutes” (Algerian Highways Authority) awarded the Construction Supervision of the National Highway nº 1 Duplication, between Chiffa and Berrouaghia (53 km long) to a Portuguese-Algerian Consortium led by COBA, Portugal The contract was signed in March 2014 and lasts 36 months.

In addition to the mobilization of the supervision team, composed of around 40 experts (expatriates and Algerian personnel), the services provided by COBA Portugal also include the review and approval of the final design prepared by the Chinese-Algerian Contractors Group GCES. The scope of the final design was modified by the Owner in the beginning of the main contract, in order to adopt a typical cross-section profile with three-lane dual carriageways. The consortium also has the technical and logistical support of COBA Algérie

The highway crosses a mountainous orography, designed for a 90 km/h speed, with 10 interchanges and a significant number of engineering works, such as : 50 viaducts amounting to near 16 km, 2 tunnels with 2 independent galleries each with an extension of 9.7 km, 135 hydraulic structures and earthworks of some 19.3 million m3 excavation and 6.3 million m3 embankment.

Lx, 31 May 2015