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The Portuguese-Tunisian consortium formed by the companies SCET TUNISIE and COBA Portugal was awarded the contract to carry out the Study for the East-West Strategic Road Corridors in Tunisia by the European Investment Bank (EIB). The call for tenders was launched by the EIB and the beneficiary is the Tunisian “Direction Générale des Ponts et Chaussées” (Tunisian Bridges and Roads Department) of the Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Territorial Development.

The objective of contract is the provision of consulting services for the elaboration of preliminary and feasibility study of the corridors and the basic design of the selected corridor, with a length of 300 km, to be performed in a 14 months period.

The scope of contract is the study of highway layout, the environmental impact assessment, topographic surveys, the geotechnical analysis and the study for the relocation plan.

Financing is secured through the FEMIP Trust Fund (Facility for Euro-Mediterranean for Investment and Partnership) by the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) transition fund, as part of the regional integration of transportation and trade initiative TRANSTRACT.


Lx, 31 May 2015