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The accounts pertaining to the financial year of 2015 were approved at the COBA Group’s Shareholders’ Meeting Board, held in early May.

The Group maintained its increasing trend of turnover, which amounted to more than 36 million euro in 2015, a value that represents an increase of about 20% over 2014. The Group's operating margin has also been rising, and currently stands at levels above the sector’s average values.

The main challenge that the management board faces is associated with the substantial increase of the period for payment of the services contracted by some of our major clients, which results in the inevitable constraints to the Group’s cash flow situation.

The solution encountered to overcome this situation entails the additional efforts that have been undertaken throughout the Group’s structure. Such efforts involve the diversification of sources of income, not only for purposes of debt relief for major clients, but also to sustain new projects.

In spite of the instability registered in the major international markets in which we operate, the Group has managed to uphold its contracting capacity for new projects, as illustrated in this edition of COBA News.


Victor Carneiro
Vice-President of COBA Group


Lx, 31 May 2016