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In May, the consortium led by COBA Portugal and integrating the companies COBA Angola and CESO CI, initiated the studies for the the Cabinda Province Integrated Agricultural Development, for the Ministry of Agriculture of Angola and financed by the AfDB - African Development Bank.

Works will be carried out by a team of experts that will cover the most various aspects related to an agricultural development study, and will include experts in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural and Rural Engineering, Water Resources, Irrigation, Livestock, Institutional Policy, Credit / Finance, Environment and Gender Aspects.

Preparation of this study, with an expected duration of five months and conclusion in September 2006, should be understood not only as part of a project cycle pre-investment activity that aims to provide both the Angolan Government and the AfDB with information and analisys leading to a project preparation report, but also meet the following specific objectives:

Critically assess the potential of agro-industrial implementation in the Province;

Analyze and propose marketing perspectives of agricultural and livestock products, and enhance their marketization and value;

Assist and support both the Angolan Government and the AfDB in the identification and development of projects for the Cabinda Province.

AfDB’s involvement in this study emerged, on the other hand, after identification of the low socioeconomic development in the province and, on the other hand, from a previous knowledge of the potential of agricultural sector towards the contribution to poverty reduction and employment creation.


Lx, 31 May 2016