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Since 2010, COBA Portugal has been developing for BRISA Concessão Rodoviária, S.A. (BCR), through BRISA Engenharia e Gestão, S.A. (BEG), a series of slope stabilization projects that fall within its programme of Studies and Designs associated with the maintenance of the safety conditions and service quality of the motorway network operated by this Concessionaire. Such activity has earned the increasing trust of these entities, due to the quality of the solutions proposed and to the scrupulous respect of contractual deadlines.

These projects, essentially of geotechnical nature, normally require the interdisciplinary support of other engineering specialties, such as drainage, pavements and utilities. Other companies of the COBA Group are normally engaged in these activities, namely LandCOBA and Tetraplano.

Contracted services usually include a diagnosis of unstable zones, based on the execution of field surveys (geotechnical & topographic), the preparation of a Preliminary Study that serves as a basis for the Detailed Design of the chosen solution, including Bill of Quantities, Tender Documents and Operating Manual. Technical assistance is provided by COBA during construction of all works, including very often an analysis of values recorded by auscultation devices, which normally begin before construction and extend during their maintenance period.

The geotechnical works designed are diverse and depend on local constraints and conditions (topographic, geological and geotechnical, as well as the surrounding environment / land occupation). COBA has designed solutions for gabion retaining walls, anchored walls founded on piles, concrete walls with micropiles, as well as solutions involving jet-grouting.

These projects require a close cooperation with BEG / BCR’s teams during assessment of the design solutions and their safety during the construction phase, as well as monitoring of activities on site.

Among the several projects carried out for BEG / BCR during the past few years, special reference is made to the following:

A2 Motorway – Subsection Almodôvar / São Bartolomeu de Messines. Stabilization of Embankment Slopes between km 218+700 and km 218+800 (S/N and N/S directions)

A1 Motorway – Subsection Fátima / Leiria. Stabilization of the Excavation Slope of Branch B of the Leiria Interchange (km 129+450, S/N)

A1 Motorway – Subsection between the Carvalhos Interchange and Stº Ovídio. Stabilization of the Excavation Slope of Branch E of the Carvalhos Interchange (km 293+000, N/S)

A1 Motorway – Subsection Alverca / V.F.Xira II. Stabilization of the Excavation Slope (km 19+700, N/S)

A14 Motorway – Figueira da Foz / Coimbra (North). Subsection between the NR335 Interchange and the Ançã Interchange. Stabilization of Embankment Slope at km 32+600. Geotechnical characterization and diagnosis.

A14 Motorway – Figueira da Foz / Coimbra (North). Subsection Santa Eulália / Montemor-o-Velho – Stabilization of Embankment Slope (km 14+900, W/E).


Lx, 31 May 2016