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Under the scope of a contract signed with the Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola (MINEA), the COBA group is finalizing the studies and designs, including the Environmental Impact Assessment, for the Chicapa II Hydropower Development, located near Saurimo, in the Lunda South Province.

About 40 years ago, DIAMANG, the existing entity at the time, promoted the preliminary studies to identify a regulating undertaking located upstream from Chicapa I. In the eighties of the last century, the location for construction of the Chicapa II Development was agreed upon. For the dam was selected a site immediately upstream from the existing Chicapa I undertaking, in a river section with rapids and small falls preceding the Chicapa falls. The undertaking is located about 20 km north of the city of Saurimo.

The services contracted by MINEA included the execution of the basic studies, the technical, economic and environmental feasibility analysis, the preparation of the basic design, as well as the preparation of the technical specifications and tender documents for construction and supply of equipment to the Chicapa II Hydropower Development.

An environmental impact study was undertaken in order to obtain the necessary license.

All the field works, mapping and topographic surveys, as well as the geological / geotechnical prospecting in construction locations and borrow areas were performed during the preparation of studies and designs.

From the comparison of alternative solutions carried out in the feasibility study, it was considered that the most advantageous solution encompasses a mixed homogeneous earthfill dam with a central concrete section incorporating the hydraulic structures. The dam has a maximum height of 24 m and a 2460 m crest length. The spillway is equipped with radial gates and is designed for a maximum flow of 467 m3 / s.

Taking advantage of the river slope, the powerplant is located about 270 m away from the dam. It is equipped with three turbine-alternator units with vertical axis Kaplan turbines with a unit capacity of 10 MW, which turbinate a nominal flow of 41 m3/s under a net head of 26,6 m.

The undertaking is completed with a 60 kV outdoor substation and an energy transmission line that connects the 220 kV/60kV Saurimo Substation to the Eastern System Network, located about 8 km from the undertaking.

The construction is scheduled to last three years.

The Chicapa II Hydropower Development will produce an average 111 GWh/year and will contribute towards an increased production of about 52 GWh/year in the Chicapa I Hydropower Development. The average energy produced by both undertakings, upon construction of Chicapa II, will amount to 250 GWh/hear.

With the exception of the geological survey works, all other works, studies and designs were developed by several companies of the Group, namely COBAngola, LandCOBA, Tetraplano and COBA Portugal.

Lx, 30 Nov 2015