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In the very near future will begin the construction works and installation of equipment for Rehabilitation and Uprating of the Luachimo Hydropower Undertaking, located in the river with the same name, next to Dundo in the Lunda North province, in northeastern Angola.

Built in the 50's to supply electricity to the city of Dundo and near mining areas, it consists of a dam, a water circuit and a powerplant with an installed capacity of 8,8 MW.

In the Preliminary Design for Rehabilitation and Uprating of the Luachimo Hydropower Undertaking, prepared by COBA in 2013, were optimized the available water resources of the Luachimo River.
It was decided to abandon the existing powerplant, implement a new water circuit for a flow of 240 m3/s – four times larger than the current capacity – and build a new powerplant equipped with four units with an installed capacity of 8,2 MW each.

The works include the rehabilitation of the remaining infrastructures and equipment of the undertaking.

After uprating, it is expected that the undertaking will generate an average annual energy value of 260 GWh, 3,6 times superior to the current energy generation.

The Preliminary Design developed by COBA comprises the base document for the procurement process of the contract awarded by the Angolan Government, through the Ministry of Energy and Water and GAMEK; construction works will commence in a very short term.

During the construction phase of the Luachimo Rehabilitation works, COBA will commence a new contract, and offer its collaboration to the Owner by preparing the detailed design of the civil construction works and the approval of the documents pertaining to the equipment that is to be installed in the undertaking.

This undertaking includes the future Electric Network of the 220 kV Eastern System Dundo – Lucapa – Saurimo – Luena.

Along its route, in addition to the Luachimo Undertaking, the Eastern System will receive the energy produced by several hydropower plants, including the existing Chicapa I Undertaking (16 MW), the Chicapa II Undertaking (31.2 MW), whose design is concluded, and Chiumbe-Dala (12.4 MW), currently under construction, as well as the existing thermal power plants at Dundo, Saurimo and Luena.

In recent years COBA has developed, for MINEA, and in addition to the Luachimo studies and designs, those pertaining to Chicapa II and Chiumbe-Dala, as well as the 220 kV Dundo-Luena and the 60 kV Dundo-Lucapa Energy Transmission Lines, as well as associated Distribution Networks.


Lx, 31 May 2016