COBA group is committed to adopting a data protection policy in the staff recruitment process. By accepting this policy, the candidates agree that the data provided will be kept and processed by all companies of COBA Group, within the selection and recruitment process.

COBA is committed to releasing personal data only within the COBA Group.
This site is of the responsibility of COBA, Holdings, S.A.

Use and release of personal data for specific purposes

The Human Resources Department of COBA Group will use your personal data voluntarily inserted on the website exclusively for selection and recruitment purposes. These data will be processed and kept confidential and will be used only inside the Group’s companies, according to applicable data privacy law. The information you provided will be destroyed after a period of 24 months.

COBA Group is committed to adopt security measures to protect personal data against manipulation, loss, destruction, access or unauthorised release.

Spontaneous Candidatures

When you submit a spontaneous candidature, you are making your personal data available to our Group. According to the spontaneous candidatures management system, your first step shall be the fulfilment of all the fields of the “Spontaneous Candidature” form.

If this first step will not be executed, you cannot undertake the submittal process, namely attach the CV.

If you satisfy this requirement, you will allow the Human Resources Department to take advantage of a well-classified and organized database in the further steps of the process including consultation, assessment and hiring.

If a job vacancy arises, its details will be announced in the section “Careers” of COBA Group site, only after a careful analysis of applications submitted on our “Spontaneous Candidatures” database.

The filling out of the spontaneous candidatures form will allow to register in several options.

The candidate shall be responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct and true.

Spontaneous candidatures shall be kept on the applications management system for a period of 24 months.

The candidate can update his/her data to add news on his/her professional or academic career or other. However, the updates imply the complete filling out of a new form according to the abovementioned steps and requirements.

By the end of that period, all candidate’s data shall be deleted.