This contract aimed at carrying out a topographic and bathymetric survey of the Capanda dam reservoir, between the dam wall and the place known as Salto de Cavalo (on the most upstream place of the reservoir), located between the Malanje and Cuanza South Province, in Angola (along a 48 km-long axis).

This study included a more detailed bathymetric survey in the area of the four water intakes and bottom outlet, aiming at obtaining the digital bathymetric model of that area.

All the altimetric data obtained were adjusted to the reference levels supplied by PRODEL on a daily basis. The water level meter of the dam was used for the surveys, whose planimetric coordinates are in the local system.

The data required to generate the bathymetric model of the reservoir were collected by using an unmanned Z-Boat 1800 HS (make: Oceanscience). This is a remotely-operated boat and includes high definition and double frequency GNSS sensors, which provide both planimetric and altimetric positioning, with real-time correction support

This study further included implementing bathymetric data filtering routines and the development of a corresponding presentation model.