The Funil hydropower development is located at the medium stretch of the Paraíba do Sul River, at about 150 km from Rio de Janeiro and about 250 km from S. Paulo. It is part of the energetic and economic complex of the Centre-South region of Brazil, essential to the development of this region.

The toe-of-dam power plant, with a curved layout, is equipped with 3 72 MW power generation groups (with Francis turbines). It features an installed capacity of 216 MW and estimated annual energy generation of 1 146 GW.

The arch dam has a height of 85 m and crest length of 360 m and a volume of 270 x 10³ m³.

The reservoir capacity is 890 x 106 m³ and maximum flood flow of 3 250 m³/s.

The flood spillway releases 2 700+1 700 m³/s, in a tunnel/channel on the left bank and tunnel on the right bank, with gates. The bottom outlet orifice releases 285 m³/s.

The Seismic Calculation of the Funil Dam was carried out in 1988 and the studies for the strengthening of the foundation waterproofing and injections for the closing the joints were hired by FURNAS – Centrais Elétricas, SA