Group’s Organizational Chart


Human Resources

COBA Group employs about 400 persons, including the graduates, the technicians and the support staff.



Graduate Staff

The multidisciplinary teams cover all fields of activity, in a way to having available all technical skills for the execution of studies and projects on a sustained and integrated manner, this being one of the basic principles of the COBA Group policy.

The permanent graduate staff is composed of the following professionals:

  • civil engineers specialised in planning, structures, geotechnics, hydraulics and transportation infrastructures
  • agronomists
  • electrical engineers
  • mechanical engineers
  • environmental engineers
  • computer specialists
  • geological engineers and engineering geologists
  • geographical engineers
  • architects
  • landscape architects
  • biologists
  • geographers
  • economists

The total is above one hundred and half, a significant number with M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees. From these, a team of specialists act as permanent consultants.

In addition to the Group resources, the company uses to call upon external consultants, generally belonging to the teaching staff of universities or researchers to give their advice on complex situations.

Co-operation agreements are established with some research centers.