COBA Participates

The companies of the COBA Group regularly participate in the big consulting engineering events, at national and international level.


Multinational and Multidisciplinary Group

COBA is a multinational and multidisciplinary group of Engineering and Environmental Consultants, founded in 1962.

The Group provides engineering consultancy services ranging from basic and planning studies, technical, environmental and economic feasibility studies, design and construction design as well as project management and works supervision, to operation follow-up and behaviour monitoring.

The Group has offices/subsidiaries in three continents and experience in more than forty countries and encompasses several companies in accordance with functional specializations or geographical areas.

The competences acquired along the last five decades, together with the state-of-the-art employee expertise, the stability of its permanent staff and the comprehensive international experience allow to find out the best solutions for the full satisfaction of public and private Clients’ needs and expectations.

During its existence, the Group has participated, together with public authorities or private developers, in the feasibility of multidimensional projects, some of them being structuring projects and with major impacts on the improvement of peoples’ life conditions in the several countries where it worked..

At present, the group has a wide number of competences and technical areas that allow the composition of multidisciplinary teams who share knowledge and experiences in the execution of projects.