New Digital Approach for the Development of Specialties

Research and development of an innovative solution that enables the digitalisation of the built environment, and integrates the physical model with structural calculation, design and quantity take-off stages of a specialty project - Structures (Bridges).

Furthermore, the proper execution of this project will enable to obtain a joint model of design, structural calculation and quantification of bridges, which will be integrated into COBA's global platform for managing complex projects (SPGIC) and thus be interconnected with other specialities (geotechnics, roads, hydraulics, among others), resulting in considerable gains in terms of efficiency and safety in the development of these projects.

In addition to digitalising and systematising the technical knowledge that is currently only available in the tacit knowledge of the most experienced engineers, it is also intended to generate new technical and scientific knowledge about a disruptive solution that is able to automate, optimise and standardise different procedures and phases inherent to the design and management of internal processes for constructions of Bridges.