PORTUGAL - COBA Group was distinguished by the Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment - CITE

The COBA Group was distinguished by the Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment - CITE, for its good practices in promoting Equal Pay for equal work or work of equal value, as a COMPANY THAT PROMOTES EQUAL PAY BETWEEN WOMEN AND MEN 2022.

Lx, 28 Dec 2022


PORTUGAL - Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of Engineering at FCTUC (1972-2022) Coimbra

On December 14th, in the FCTUC Auditorium, Earth Sciences Department, Campus II, Virgílio Rebelo presented a lecture entitled "Tailings Dams from the Mining Industry. Geological, Geotechnical and Safety Aspects".

The purpose of the lecture was to make those present aware of the relevance of the issues associated with the safety of this type of works. Such works were usually seen in the past and in various geographies as marginal structures that, not being part of the "hard core" of mining activity, did not raise safety standards compatible with the risk associated with them. The management of this waste, with the safety levels currently required, represents a financial burden that in the modern mining industry must be considered in the economic sustainability of the activity.

Lx, 22 Dec 2022


MOZAMBIQUE - Rehabilitation of the Ibo Quay in Cabo Delgado Province and Búzi Quay, in Sofala Province

COBA leads the Consortium created to undertake the works related to the Technical Assistance and Supervision of the Rehabilitation Works of the Ibo Quay in Cabo Delgado Province and Búzi Quay, in Sofala Province, Mozambique. This World Bank Funded project is the result of the efforts that the Mozambican government, together with multilateral financing entities, has dedicated to rehabilitate/rebuild public and housing infrastructures that were damaged and suffered heavy losses in 2019 caused by tropical cyclones Idai and Kenneth.

Lx, 15 Dec 2022


PORTUGAL - New connection to Escariz Business Park inaugurated

Designed by COBA for IP - Infraestruturas de Portugal, the new connection to the Escariz Business Park, in Arouca, has opened to traffic. The works now concluded sought the construction of a new access road to the Escariz Business Park, connecting the Escariz Roundabout to the Pigeiros Interchange of the A32 Motorway, over a length of 7.1 km, which ensures improved safety conditions and reduced travel time between destinations.

Several deep valleys and water lines are crossed along its course, and 5 special structures were built (4 viaducts and 1 bridge).

10 relocations were planned in order to restore the existing road network interfered with by the construction of the new road: 2 associated with the construction of the Underpasses, 2 with Rural Crossings, 3 with Overpasses and the remaining under the new road in the area of the Viaduct, therefore requiring no specific structures.

Lx, 06 Dec 2022


PORTUGAL - COBA integrates Design Consortium for the First European Lithium Battery Gigafactory in Portugal

COBA integrates the consortium that signed a contract with CALB Co., Ltd. to develop the design and environmental licensing for the First European Lithium Battery Gigafactory in Portugal, to be built in Sines. This highly sustainable facility will position Sines as an important logistic hub connecting a global lithium supply chain.

This will be CALB’s first European factory and is expected to be one of the largest in the continent, with an investment of more than 1Bi€.

Lx, 28 Nov 2022


PORTUGAL - Charter of Principles of BCSD Portugal

The COBA Group was represented by its CEO, Fernando Prioste, in the “signing ceremony" of the signatory companies of the Charter of Principles of BCSD Portugal - Business Council for Sustainable Development.

This ceremony was included in the Sustainability Encounters, at the Conference on Value Chain, which took place on 25th November in the Almada Negreiros Room of Centro Cultural de Belém (Belém Cultural Centre), in Lisbon.

Lx, 25 Nov 2022


PORTUGAL - Autumn Lectures

The COBA Group participated in the cycle of Autumn Lectures on New Mobility Trends, promoted by the EUROTRANSPORTE / SRS Advogados partnership.

The lecture "Challenges of Modal Transition", chaired by Alexandre Portugal, COBA's Board Member, was addressed by Carlos Fernandes, Vice-President of Infraestruturas de Portugal and Miguel Rebelo de Sousa, Executive Director of APEF.

Lx, 24 Nov 2022


PORTUGAL - COBA at the Portuguese Conference on Structural Engineering – “JPEE2022”

The COBA Group participated in the conference “JPEE 2022” and was represented by Board Member Alexandre Portugal, who integrated the Scientific Committee of the event, and by colleague Rui Rodrigues, who presented a paper on the detailed design and the construction works associated with the heightening and structural rehabilitation of the Bou Heurtma Dam, located in Tunisia.

This paper addressed the inspections and rehabilitation works, the required adaptations to the detailed design resulting from geological-geotechnical constraints, the limitations imposed by the design of the hydromechanical equipment, the construction methods proposed by the Contractor, as well as the deadlines for the execution of the works.

Lx, 14 Nov 2022


ANGOLA - COBA Group integrates visit to Caculo Cabaça

COBA participated in the visit to the construction works of the Caculo Cabaça Hydropower Development - one of the largest hydropower developments under construction in the world - where the COBA Group is providing design review and approval services. Excavation of the tailrace tunnels included in the hydraulic circuit began on this occasion.

The first generating group of the main power plant is expected to begin operating at the end of 2026. The event was attended by the Minister of Energy and Water and by the Governor of the Kwanza North Province, in addition to the other entities involved.

Lx, 9 Nov 2022


PORTUGAL - Seminar "Port Geotechnics and Land Improvement”

The COBA Group was present at the Seminar "Port Geotechnics and Land Improvement" that took place at the Leixões Port Auditorium (APDL).

Colleague Sandra Ferreira participated in a session with the topic "Improvement and reinforcement of the foundation soil of the A9-CREL road platform between km 25+475 and 26+600".

CREL (Lisbon Regional Outer Ring Road) was inaugurated in 1994/1995, with a total length of 34.4 km. The Bucelas (Zambujal)/A9-A10 subsection, between km 25+475 and 26+600, develops with a generally mixed profile on a very mountainous area.

Since 2008 to date, this entire area has been subject to several rehabilitation interventions, with these works having been carried out at different stages of design and construction. Diverse pathologies gave rise to these interventions. The main ones are related to pavement cracks with relevant openings, damaged drainage systems with significant deformations and obstructions, and retaining/stabilisation structures with visible deformations/anomalies.

This presentation focused on the solutions for improvement and reinforcement of the foundations in two different sections located between km 25+475 and 26+600, characterised by consolidation grouting.

Due to the existing constraints, two distinct forms of COBA'S collaboration were addressed, by developing contingency measures with practically immediate on-site intervention and traditionally with the preparation of a detailed design and the provision of technical assistance.

Special emphasis was placed on the need to ensure a balance between geotechnical risk and the existing time constraints, as well as to minimise the impact on road traffic, using monitoring as the main tool for action.

Lx, 4 Nov 2022


PORTUGAL - COBA at the 1st Edition of the Agricultural Innovation Fair of Fundão


Maria João Calejo was invited by the Municipality of Fundão and the Association of the Cova da Beira Beneficiaries to represent COBA in the Conference, "Irrigation in Portugal. What future?" that took place in the 1st Edition of the Agricultural Innovation Fair of Fundão.

The event took place between 14 and 16 October and was attended by experts, members of academy, technology companies and strategic decision makers in the sphere of local development and agricultural policies, with a program that included conferences, lectures, round tables, debate panels, networking and demonstration of pioneering technologies applicable to the development of a more intelligent agriculture.

Lx, 24 Oct 2022


PORTUGAL - Exhibition at the National Headquarters of the Portuguese College of Engineers (Ordem dos Engenheiros)


"Pontes que unem Puentes: Caminhos do Passado, Ligações para o Futuro / Caminos del Pasado, Enlaces al Futuro” (Bridges that connect Bridges: Paths of the Past, Connections to the Future), organised by the Portuguese College of Engineers (OE) and the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos Canales y Puertos (CICCP), is on show at the OE's National Headquarters in Lisbon until the end of January 2023.

The COBA Group is present with three showcase projects: the Lezíria Bridge, the Bridge over the Ribeira da Vidigueira and the Vasco da Gama Bridge.

Lx, 19 Oct 2022


ANGOLA - COBA joined the Angolan mission to Berlin to visit projects within the scope of the energy transition


As part of the development of New Business Areas, COBA integrated the Angolan Delegation participating in a mission to Berlin organized by RENAC (Renewables Academy) and the Delegation of German Economy in Angola, with the objective to learn about the "green solutions" which are being implemented by the German state to achieve the energy transition, as well as to establish contacts with potential partners in the field of Renewable Energies (Solar PV and Wind energy) and Hydrogen.

Lx, 18 Oct 2022


PORTUGAL - EN326 - Feira / Escariz Bypass Road


Construction works for the EN326 - Feira (A32/IC2) / Mansores Bypass Road, Section 1 - Feira (A32/IC2) / Escariz (km 0+000 to km 7+141), are progressing at good pace. This 7,141 m-long road section, which will connect the A32/IC2 highway – integrated in the Douro Litoral Concession – to the EN326 section between Mansores and Arouca (already in operation) at the current Pigeiros Interchange, will enable a quicker and safer connection between Mansores and Arouca and the coastal region, namely to S. Maria da Feira, S. João da Madeira and Porto through the A32 highway.

This project, undertaken by COBA, is characterised by its development in an area of steep relief, requiring an alignment with geometric parameters compatible with a design speed of 80 km/h.

The importance of this infrastructure for those territories has received special attention from Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) and great commitment from all the entities involved, and its completion is scheduled for the end of 2022.

Lx, 25 Jul 2022


PORTUGAL - Inauguration of the Tâmega Hydropower Generation Scheme




Since late 2015, COBA's engineering has accompanied the construction works of the Tâmega Hydropower Generation Scheme, through the provision of the Geological and Geotechnical Assistance Services, integrating IBERDROLA'S team.

The COBA Group welcomes the inauguration and full operation of the Daivões (Ribeira de Pena) and Gouvães (Vila Pouca de Aguiar) Power Plants, where the installed power amounts to 998 Megawatts (MW).

Lx, 20 Jul 2022


ANGOLA - Inauguration of the Talatona Interchange


The important Luanda Province road connection, known as the Talatona Interchange, was inaugurated last 17/7/2022 by the Minister of State and Head of the Civil House of the President, Dr. Adão de Almeida.

This is an important project for the metropolitan area of Luanda, eliminating one of the main bottlenecks which exist at the junction of the roads which link Benfica / Futungo and Morro Bento / Golfo-2.

The Angolan government adopted a design & build contracting model, with the COBA Group being responsible for the design and Tecnovia-Angola for its construction.

Lx, 19 Jul 2022


COBA Group present at the 10th CRP Congress






The COBA Group was present at the 10th Portuguese Railway and Road Congress (CRP), with an exhibition stand.

Engineers Pedro Serra, Nélia Pinto, Sandra Ferreira and Mário Roldão contributed with presentations in the technical sessions.

Lx, 18 Jul 2022


Energy Transition in Angola - New contract

The COBA Group, in consortium with DAR AL-HANDASAH, signed a contract with the Angolan public company PRODEL - in the amount of 30 M€ - regarding the supervision services for the "Supply and Construction of Hybrid Solar Systems and Expansion of Energy Distribution Networks in 60 Communes of Angola" Contract.

This project provides electricity to the populations of 60 communes distributed throughout the provinces of Malanje, Bié, Moxico, Luanda North and Lunda South in Angola, contributing decisively towards the development of these communities, which up to now had no electricity supply through the public grid. For COBA, this is the largest supervision contract of solar parks and lithium-ion battery storage.

Lx, 12 Jul 2022


Fernando Prioste, CEO da COBA em entrevista ao Jornal de Negócios



Fernando Prioste, CEO da COBA em entrevista ao Jornal de Negócios, entre outros temas, lamentou a dificuldade em contratar no mercado nacional, dada a escassez de oferta formativa de engenheiros, e admite que a empresa já está a perder dinheiro em alguns contratos.






Leia aqui as entrevistas

Lx, 06 Jul 2022


COBA Group present in the 27th CIGB-ICOLD Congress 2022



The COBA Group was present in the 27th CIGB-ICOLD Congress 2022, which took place in Marseille, from May 27 to June 3, 2022.

On this occasion, a meeting of representatives of lusophone institutions was also held, attended by colleagues from Portugal, Mozambique and Brazil.

Lx, 22 Jun 2022


PORTUGAL - COBA is participating in the Time Capsule Project

With the purpose of promoting Portuguese geotechnics to other international societies/markets, the SPG [Portuguese Geotechnical Society] is participating in the Time Capsule Project, developed by the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE).

A vast amount of information on the history, pillars and most relevant projects of Geotechnics in Portugal is being compiled.

The COBA Group is present with 1 company presentation (in Portuguese and in English), 7 project sheets in English and 10 in Portuguese. To know more about this Project, you can consult the Time Capsule Project website.




Time Capsule Project

Lx, 20 May 2022


PORTUGAL - COBA wins Strategic Environmental Assessment of the New Lisbon Airport

COBA - Consultores de Engenharia e Ambiente and the Spanish company INECO - Ingeniería Y Economía Del Transporte, won the public tender for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the plan to increase airport capacity in the Lisbon region.

The study will assess three possible solutions for increasing airport capacity in the Lisbon region: the current Humberto Delgado airport as the main airport with a complementary airport to be built in Montijo; the Montijo Airport as the main airport and the current Humberto Delgado Airport as a complementary one; or the construction of a new airport to be built at Alcochete (at the current Campo de Tiro mitary air base), which would gradually and definitively replace the current Lisbon Airport.

Lx, 29 Apr 2022


MOZAMBIQUE - Workshop at ANE - COBA Group participated






ANE – Administração Nacional de Estradas de Moçambique [Mozambique National Roads Administration] invited the COBA Group to carry out a Workshop under the theme "Engineering at the Service of the Construction and Rehabilitation Projects of Roads in Mozambique".

The event took place between 21 and 22 April in ANE’s amphitheatre, with the participation of the companies COBA Portugal, Consulstrada and LandCOBA.

Lx, 27 Apr 2022


COBA Group present in "The Energy Year Angola 2022"

Fernando Prioste, CEO of the COBA Group, talks to "The Energy Year" about Angola's potential for deploying pumped-storage hydroelectricity and hydrogen solutions.

As Angola develops a robust energy industry, he highlights the important role that the COBA Group can play in the country's development.





Read link

Lx, 21 Apr 2022


ANGOLA - Sanitation Master Plans

COBA initiated the field mission for the assessment of the existing situation, comprising meetings with local institutions, visits to the cities’ neighborhoods, public consultation and surveys to subsequently support the "Preparation of the Participatory Sanitation Master Plans and the Technical Specifications of the Tender Processes of the cities of Luena, N'Dalatando, Cuito and Huambo, in line with the CWIS (Citywide Inclusive Sanitation) approach".

The project is developed in association with Artelia and Águas de Portugal and is of special importance for the populations of the cities under study, ensuring future access to adequate sanitation conditions.

Lx, 07 Apr 2022


SENEGAL - COBA Group at the 9th World Water Forum


The COBA Group participated in the 9th World Water Forum which took place from 21 to 25th March 2022 in Dakar, Senegal, under the theme "Water Security for Peace and Development". Mr António Pereira da Silva and Mr. Vicente Rodrigues integrated the official Portuguese representation organized by the Portuguese Embassy and AICEP. This important world event was attended by the Minister of the Environment and several public Portuguese institutions from the water sector, as well as a large delegation from Portuguese-speaking countries.

With a prominent presence in the Pavilion of Portugal, COBA participated in a session that included the presentation of the company's expertise in the water sector, with special focus on its experience in the West African region, attended by some of the region's major clients in the water sector. COBA also collaborated in the presentation of the results of the Gambia River Water Resources Plan (studies prepared in Consortium), held at the OMVG (Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Gambie) Pavilion.

In this context multiple contacts with current and potential clients and partners in the region were developed and consolidated, both within the Forum and through visits to institutions and companies based in Dakar.




Watch COBA’s institutional video here

Lx, 29 Mar 2022


ANGOLA - Final characterisation. Functional and structural characterization tests (PCN classification) of Runway 07-25 of the “4 de Fevereiro” International Airport, in Luanda

During this month, the COBA Group companies COBA Angola & CONSULSTRADA jointly carried out load tests with Impact Deflectometer (HWD) equipment, and measurement tests of the coefficient of friction with GripTester equipment, on the runway pavement.

The works integrate the scope of the Supervision of Pavement Repair Works in Specific Areas and Berms of the Runways and Taxiways of the “4 de Fevereiro” International Airport, in Luanda.

As a form of fostering knowledge-transfer and sharing of professional experiences, this activity was accompanied by students of the Faculty of Engineering of the Agostinho Neto University.

Lx, 24 Mar 2022








COBA made its intervention in the first morning of the Congress with the theme "Public Contracts for Engineering Services: Challenges and Opportunities", presented by Alexandre Portugal.

These two days represent a pivotal moment dedicated to the reflection and debate of the most relevant themes of the construction industry, from a multidisciplinary perspective. In addition to legal experts, other professionals connected to the construction sector will join, such as promoters, managers, engineers and design engineers, to provide a broader insight on this topic.

Lx, 10 Mar 2022









COBA was recently awarded two new contracts in the Mining Area, which reinforce the COBA Group’s experience and competences in this field of activity, in both National and International markets:

• Updating of the closure plan for the Neves Corvo Mine (Portugal).

• Operations and Monitoring Manual for the tailings dams at Sierra Rutile mine (Sierra Leone).

Lx, 03 Mar 2022







The COBA Group sponsored the edition of the "Health and Safety Best Practices Guide to be adopted in the construction phase of underground works", promoted by the Portuguese Commission of Tunnels and Underground Space of the Portuguese Geotechnical Society.

This initiative involved the Health and Safety Work Group of the respective Commission and aimed at complementing the existing legislation on the subject. This Guide can be consulted free of charge on the CPT website.




Guia de Boas Práticas de Segurança e Saúde a adotar na construção de obras subterrâneas

Lx, 07 Feb 2022



The Project ”Digital Construction Revolution – REV@CONSTRUCTION”, intends to implement the Digital Transition of the companies in the AEC sector, with the aim of promoting their competitiveness and sustainable growth, as well as the strategic alignment within the sector at European level.

The strategy of the Project REV@CONSTRUCTION focuses on the Digitization of the AEC sector, with the purpose of increasing its international competitivity.





Lx, 03 Jan 2022