GUINEA-BISSAU - Saltinho Hydroelectric Power Plant

The final workshop for the project and environmental impact study of the Saltinho Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) took place in Bissau on 1st and 2nd of November 2023. The event brought together representatives from the OMVG (the Client), delegations from the OMVG member countries, the Project Management Unit (UGP), funding agencies (AfDB and UNIDO), and the COBA / ARTELIA Consortium.

The Saltinho HPP, expected to have a capacity of 21.2 MW, is located on the Corubal River, approximately 170 km from the city of Bissau. This undertaking will be integrated into the OMVG Production and Transport System through a connection to the 225 kV power transmission network linking the four member countries: Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Republic of Guinea, and The Gambia.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Natural Resources of the Government of Guinea-Bissau, Dr. Hotna Cufuk Doha, and the Secretary-General of the OMVG, Dr. Daouda Sow. Both highlighted the importance of the Saltinho HPP in the regional energy transmission and production project promoted by the OMVG.

The COBA Group was represented by colleagues António Amador, Cristina Simões, and Hugo Custódio.





watch the news report on Guinea-Bissau Television here

Lx, 14 Nov 2023



The COBA Group participated in the HYDRO 2023 International Conference and Exhibition, held from October 16 to 18 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was represented by António Pereira da Silva, Júlio Arsénio, Bárbara Santana, and André Mendes.

The presentation of the paper "A multi-disciplinary tool for inventory and classification of pumped storage sites", co-authored by António Pereira da Silva and André Mendes, was entrusted to Júlio Arsénio. This paper outlines a multidisciplinary methodology for automatically identifying and analysing sites with potential for implementing Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES) plants (STEP – Stations de Transfert d'Energie par Pompage / Centrais Hidroelétricas Reversíveis para armazenamento de energia). A GIS-based tool was developed with the support of LandCOBA, incorporating an algorithm that combines engineering analyses, economic feasibility assessments, and the application of multi-criteria analyses to create hierarchically structured portfolios of PHES at the national or regional level. This tool can be used for decision-making by Authorities, Owners, and Investors.

Lx, 02 Nov 2023


PORTUGAL - Multilateral Days

The COBA Group participated in the Business Opportunities Forum organised by the Multilateral Working Group (AICEP and GPEARI), bringing together in Lisbon high-ranking officials from various multilateral financial institutions (AIIB, ADB, EIB, CAF, CEB, EBRD, IDB, and WB) and national companies.

The event featured various workshops on the operations of the participating funding entities, with a focus on business opportunities related to the reconstruction of Ukraine and neighboring countries, Governance/Technical Assistance and Government Consultancy, Sustainable Infrastructure, and the areas of Digital and Connectivity.

At the invitation of the organisation, COBA was represented by colleagues Alexandre Portugal and Nuno Ferraz, with Alexandre Portugal delivering a presentation during the panel titled "Sustainable Infrastructure: Focus on clean water, sanitation and energy," where he shared COBA's experience in projects funded by multilateral institutions.

Lx, 31 Oct 2023


ANGOLA - Laúca Hydropower Development

The Laúca Hydropower Development (Laúca HPP), located on the Kwanza River, in Malanje province, has a total installed capacity of 2070 MW, making it the largest hydropower plant in Angola and one of the greatest in Africa.

COBA was the leader company of the Joint Venture responsible for the Owner's Engineering of this undertaking, owned by the Ministry of Energy and Water of the Government of Angola and managed by GAMEK - Gabinete de Aproveitamento do Médio Kwanza. The Owner’s Engineering comprised the Overall Coordination of Works, Review and Approval of Civil Works and Equipment designs and Works Supervision.

Its construction began in 2012 and will officially end on 12 May 2023, with the entry into service of the Ecological Power Plant turbine, with a capacity of 66 MW.

Many experts were directly involved in all phases of the design, construction and works supervision, with more than 10,000 workers at the peak of the works. The result achieved is due to the commitment of all parties involved, united by the common goal of contributing to the increase and diversification of Angola's energy matrix.

A big thank you to everyone who was part of the team and made this success happen!

Lx, 24 July 2023


PORTUGAL - CSCEC delegation welcomed at COBA´s Headquarters

On 22 June 2023 we welcomed a delegation from the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), led by the Vice President for the Mediterranean Region, Mr. TAN Xiaozou.

During the meeting, we recalled the successful joint participation of CSCEC and COBA in the Chiffa - Berrouaghia Motorway Project, in Algeria, and assessed future opportunities for cooperation in the Maghreb.

Lx, 5 July 2023


KENYA - Africa Energy Forum - AEF 2023

The COBA Group, represented by Engs. José Honrado and Bartolomeu Alicerces, attended he Africa Energy Forum - AEF 2023, which took place between 20 and 23 June in Nairobi, Kenya.

This is one of the most important and largest international events in the energy sector, particularly focused on renewable energy in Africa and attended by the main global players involved in the value chain of promotion, financing, regulation, development and operation of projects in solar photovoltaic, offshore and onshore wind energy, natural gas and, with special emphasis, green hydrogen and other renewable gases, as well as on possible approaches and implications of the energy transition in the main sectors of the African economy, such as Oil&Gas and mining.

The opening ceremony of the event was marked by the presence of the President of the Republic of Kenya - William Samoei Ruto, who welcomed the more than 3000 participants.

Lx, 27 June 2023


ANGOLA - New International Airport of Cabinda

Mr. Pedro Portugal represented COBA at the launching ceremony of the New International Airport of Cabinda, presided by the Minister of Transport of Angola and by the Provincial Governor of Cabinda.

COBA integrates the group of consultants responsible for the design review and the construction supervision of this important undertaking for the province, as well as for the country.

Lx, 26 May 2023


ANGOLA - Conclusion of the river diversion works for construction of the Caculo Cabaça HPP

On May 20th, COBA attended the ceremony that highlighted the conclusion of the river diversion works, as part of the construction of the Caculo Cabaça HPP, in the Kwanza North province, Angola.

The ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of Angola, João Lourenço, and COBA was represented by Mr. Fernando Prioste and by Mr. Nelson Barros.

Lx, 24 May 2023


PORTUGAL - European Union Vineyard Register

In 1994, COBA began implementing the European Vineyard Register in Portugal, in the Demarcated Regions of Douro, Encosta da Nave and Varosa, which aimed to integrate the vineyard heritage. The project resulted in a Geographic Information System (GIS) of the municipalities involved, namely in the Districts of Viseu, Guarda, Vila Real and Bragança.

The European Vineyard Register was established as the tool for monitoring, managing and controlling the vineyard potential, supported by GIS technology, which allowed for quick and easy visualization, handling, storage and analysis of geo-referenced data on vineyard parcels and respective alphanumeric data.

In 1999, with the same purpose, COBA proceeded with the Regions of Minho, Trás-os-Montes, Ribatejo, Estremadura and Terras do Sado, aggregating the existing information of the Instituto Nacional de Orientação e Garantia Agrícola [National Institute for Agricultural Planning and Assurance] as well as the data gathered and obtained through declarations, thus bringing together data on wine producers, vineyards and vine parcels.

This herculean task involved more than 120 office-based technicians and 200 field technicians over several years and is considered to be the first nationwide GIS. This operation resulted in the creation of LandCOBA, which inherited the assets and knowledge acquired in the field of digital cartography and GIS.

Lx, 15 May 2023


MOZAMBIQUE - Stabilisation of the southern slope located on the right bank downstream of the Cahora Bassa Dam

As part of the Consultancy Services awarded by Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB), COBA led the Consortium composed of a Mozambican company and a Norwegian company, having carried out and concluded the supervision of the stabilisation works on the South bank located on the right bank downstream from the Cahora Bassa Dam.

The project involves the stabilization of two granite rocky slopes, with a total length of 500 m, with overhanging slopes that reach a height of 150 m.

The Detailed Design, for which the Contractor was responsible, was reviewed by the Consortium led by COBA and approved by HCB, and included the dismantling of unstable blocks, nailing and anchoring, protective mesh, high-tensile steel mesh, stabilisation support cables, dynamic barriers, deflectors and concrete buttresses. Given the difficult accessibility of the slope, the work was carried out with the support of a helicopter, which enabled the mobilization of materials and equipment to the work front.

The contract began in November 2020 and the works were completed as contractually planned, with the Consortium led by COBA concluding its intervention at the end of March 2023.

Lx, 5 May 2023


PORTUGAL - Lousa Castle - Alqueva Dam

The Lousa Castle, dating from mid-1st century BC and a National Monument since 1970, is located a few kilometres from Aldeia da Luz (Mourão) and is currently submerged by Alqueva dam reservoir.

This castle underwent an unprecedented and pioneering protection design carried out by COBA, which consisted in its encapsulation with geotextile bags filled with sand and concrete (on the inside and outside, respectively).

Works were carried out just before the beginning of the reservoir filling on 8 February 2002, and were closely monitored by divers.

The protection of this 2000-year-old aims at the future reintegration of the monument into the landscape.

Owner: EDIA

Design Consultant: COBA (2000/2001)

Construction Cost: 238 000 € (2001)





see here the video Safeguarding Lousa Castle (EDIA)

Lx, 13 Apr 2023


COLOMBIA - New contract for the supervision of a 308 km railway line

Our operation in Colombia keeps growing! In March the consortium with our subsidiary COBA B&C signed a new contract worth approximately 1.5M€. It involves the Supervision of “Control de tráfico, operación y mantenimiento de la infraestrutura férrea do corredor Bogotá - Belencito, el ramal La caro – Zipaquirá y el tramo Bogotá – Facatativá” (Traffic Control, Operation and Maintenance of the Railway Infrastructure of the Bogotá - Belencito Corridor, the La Caro - Zipaquirá Branch Line and the Bogotá - Facatativá Branch Line).

These total 308 kms of railway lines (Bogotá - Belencito: 257 km, Facatativá - Bogotá: 20.37 km and La Caro - Zipaquirá: 30.87 km), primarily used for freight transport, except for the line from Bogotá to Zipaquirá, which also includes passenger transport and a tourist train to the famous Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. Works will be carried out by a multidisciplinary team with a total of 40 professionals. The project formally began on 14 March 2023 and is due to end in April 2025.

Lx, 10 Apr 2023


PORTUGAL - Consignment of Railway Works - North Line

The consignment ceremony of the works designed by the consortium led by COBA, concerning the civil construction of the Northern Line Modernization Interventions between Mato Miranda and Entroncamento, took place last Monday at the Infraestruturas de Portugal headquarters.

These interventions, within the scope of the Strategic Plan for Transport and Investment (PETI 3+), are primarily aimed at eliminating capacity constraints of the infrastructure that limit track operations, and provide for the implementation of overtaking stations to enable the crossing of 750 m-long trains.

Lx, 30 Mar 2023


PORTUGAL - Lithium Battery Gigafactory in Sines

COBA integrates the design consortium for the project of the new Lithium Battery Gigafactory of the world leader in new energy technologies CALB, to be built in Sines.

In this context, a visit was made to two factories operating in China, in Changzhou and Xiamen, between 6 and 10 February 2023.

With PIN project status, these facilities will also ensure use of renewable energy sources and water reuse, in order to achieve the low-carbon factory target.

Lx, 16 Mar 2023


TUNISIA - Laroussia Dam - Field Visit of the Design Team within the scope of the Technical Assistance

COBA’s team visited the ongoing works of the Laroussia dam rehabilitation project in Tunisia.

During the visit, it was possible to see the progress of the works of the assembly of the new gates, installation of cofferdams, construction of the new control chambers and protection works on the riverbanks.

Lx, 09 Mar 2023


ANGOLA - First Technical Assistance Mission to the Caculo Cabaça HPP

In early February, some of the COBA design review team members carried out the first technical assistance mission to the Caculo Cabaça HPP, within the scope of the first general on-site coordination meeting, with the participation of GAMEK, the General Contractor CGGC, VOITH and the Omatapalo/Griner Consortium.

During this mission, we were able to observe the progress of the works, namely of the diversion and tailrace tunnels, as well as the access tunnel to the main powerplant and a set of pilot tunnels linked to the excavation strategy.

Lx, 07 Mar 2023


PORTUGAL - Vasco da Gama Bridge

Considered to be one of the largest and most successful projects of the 20th Century, the iconic Vasco da Gama Bridge spans the Tagus Estuary in Lisbon. With a length of 18 km, the crossing was the longest in Europe, and one of the largest in the world, when it was inaugurated in 1998 at the time of the Expo'98 World Trade Fair, which was themed to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Vasco da Gama's arrival in India.

Thirty years ago, an international joint-venture led by COBA started the design that would serve as a basis for the construction of the bridge, in just 18 months. Designed to have a lifespan of 120 years, to withstand winds of 250 km/h, as well as to resist an earthquake of a magnitude superior to the historic Lisbon Earthquake of 1755, the project is composed of several sections, of which the Main Bridge stands out, a 420 m span cable-stayed structure.

In addition to leading the joint-venture, COBA was responsible for defining the crossing alignment, the geological and geotechnical studies, the special structures works included in the North and South Accesses, the design of the facilities and equipment for signalling, safety, lighting and traffic control, as well as the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the entire crossing and the design of measures to minimize its impact.

Client/Owner: Lusoponte / Gattel Joint-Venture

Start/End Dates: 1993 / 98

Joint-Venture: COBA / EEG / Proponte / Kvaerner

Value of the Works: 900 M € (1998)

Lx, 16 Feb 2023



COBA B&C S.A.S. began its operation last summer, it already has a permanent staff and, at the end of the year, started its first contract for the supervision of rural road works in the Risaralda coffee region (Pereira).

COBA B&C S.A.S., incorporated in 2022, is a company created along with the Colombian consulting firm B&C, dedicated to the design and supervision of infrastructures, in particular rail and road transport.

COBA B&C S.A.S. will certainly be an asset for the COBA Group in the Colombian market and in the region.


Lx, 24 Jan 2023


MOZAMBIQUE - Feasibility Study for the Strengthening Social and Economic Infrastructure in the Goto District

COBA, in consortium with a Mozambican company, was awarded the contract for an important project that will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of thousands of inhabitants in the province of Sofala in Mozambique.

With funding from German cooperation (KfW), the Joint-Venture led by COBA will develop the Feasibility Study for the Strengthening of Social and Economic Infrastructure in the Goto District, in the city of Beira. The main objective of this study is to outline and plan the interventions to be carried out in the Goto District (a residential area with approximately 12,000 inhabitants), so that this area may have the minimum requirements that an urban district must offer to the population in order to be fully functional.

Lx, 13 Jan 2023


TUNISIA - Launching ceremony of the Tunis-Jelma motorway construction

The launching ceremony of the construction of the Tunis-Jelma motorway, a project developed by COBA in association with SCET TUNISIE, took place in Tunisia on 6 December.

The motorway, which crosses the country in a North-South direction along 185 km, will be a structuring axis of the territory, boosting economic and social development.

The ceremony was presided over by the President of the Republic of Tunisia, Kais Saïed, and took place in Jelma, in the province of Sidi Bouzid. It was also attended by the Minister of Equipment and Housing, Ms Sarra Zaafrani Zenzeri, with whom we had the opportunity to interact as the person responsible for the project as a representative of the Directorate General of Bridges and Roads.

Lx, 10 Jan 2023